Definition of Social Housing

Lately, governments have been creating social housing that low income people can’t afford. For example, the new Remand Centre in Vancouver will have only 24 of 95 units affordable to people on welfare.  Social housing at the Olympic Village is too expensive for low income people. The Social Housing Coalition doesn’t want low income people to be excluded from social housing. Therefore, our definition of social housing is as follows:
Social housing is:

  • non-institutional housing that is owned by government, a non-profit group or a co-op;
  • not run for profit;
  • available to people with very low incomes who pay either 30% of their income or the welfare shelter amount for rent;
  • available to ALL who need it. No one will be excluded from a social housing unit because their income is too low. If a social housing resident increases their income, they don’t have to move, but their rent will go up as they pay 30% of their income for rent.


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